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The Tram Museum's fleet
BVB213Motor carIn service
SFV36Motor carIn service
SFV40Motor carIn storage
ÅS1Motor carUnder restoration
ÅS3Motor carIn service
ÅS5Motor carIn storage
ÅS41TrailerIn storage
ÅS47TrailerIn storage
ÅS54TrailerIn exhibition
ÅS60TrailerIn exhibition
DKS17Motor carIn storage
DPP7079Motor carIn service
FS22Motor carUnder restoration
FS31Motor carUnder restoration
FS50Motor carIn service
HHA3060Motor carIn service
HHA3657Motor carIn service
HTM824Motor carIn service
KS22Motor carIn service
KS100Motor carIn service
KS107Motor carIn storage
KS176Motor carIn storage
KS190Motor carIn storage
KS257Motor carIn storage
KS261Motor carUnder restoration
KS275Motor carIn service
KS305Motor carIn storage
KS309Motor carIn storage
KS327Motor carIn service
KS359Motor carIn storage
KS361Motor carUnder restoration
KS374Motor carIn storage
KS430Motor carIn storage
KS437Motor carIn storage
KS470Motor carIn service
KS472Motor carIn storage
KS564Motor carIn storage
KS567Motor carIn storage
KS575Motor carIn storage
KS587Motor carIn service
KS598Motor carIn storage
KS608Motor carIn storage
KS701Motor carIn exhibition
KS815Motor carUnder restoration
KS890Motor carUnder restoration
M&MTB965Motor carIn service
ML74Motor carIn service
NESA929Motor carUnder restoration
OS12Motor carIn service
OsloS203Motor carIn service
RBG2401Motor carIn storage
RBG2410Motor carIn service
RBG2412Motor carIn service
RSAG797Motor carIn service
DKS283TrailerIn service
FS78TrailerUnder restoration
HHA4384TrailerIn service
KS226TrailerUnder restoration
KS1054TrailerIn storage
KS1061TrailerIn storage
KS1065TrailerIn service
KS1172TrailerUnder restoration
KS1186TrailerIn storage
KS1253TrailerIn service
KS1255TrailerIn storage
KS1268TrailerIn storage
KS1282TrailerIn storage
KS1308TrailerIn storage
KS1310TrailerIn storage
KS1321TrailerIn service
KS1381TrailerIn storage
KS1460TrailerIn service
KS1531TrailerUnder restoration
KS1552TrailerIn storage
KS1572TrailerIn service
KS1578TrailerIn storage
KS1582TrailerIn storage
OS51TrailerUnder restoration
OS59TrailerIn service
RSAG924TrailerIn service
DVG711Work cartUnder restoration
KSS51Horse carIn service
FS6Horse busIn exhibition
KO17Horse busIn service
KS2001TrailerIn storage
KS101TrolleybusesIn exhibition
NESA2TrolleybusesIn storage
NESA31TrolleybusesIn exhibition
AB1870BusIn storage
AD1425BusIn exhibition
AD1947BusIn exhibition
AOS79BusIn storage
BBC43BusIn service
BDK1950BusIn exhibition
COM5202BusIn exhibition
CT2806BusIn exhibition
DBO1956BusUnder restoration
DBO1963BusIn storage
DBR624BusIn storage
DSB669BusIn storage
FB7433BusIn service
FS1BusIn exhibition
HR68BusIn service
HT428BusIn exhibition
HT801BusIn storage
HT1388BusIn exhibition
HT1441BusIn exhibition
HT1501BusIn service
HT1596BusIn exhibition
HT1856BusIn service
JT53BusIn exhibition
KS37BusIn exhibition
KS41BusIn service
KS314BusIn service
KS322BusIn service
KS329BusIn service
KS531BusIn exhibition
KS571BusIn service
KS772BusIn service
KS863BusIn exhibition
KS995BusIn exhibition
NESA62BusIn storage
OB10BusIn service
OB30BusIn service
OB38BusIn service
OB130BusIn storage
OB140BusIn storage
OO15BusUnder restoration
PB8431BusIn service
TAK1167BusIn storage
ÅS001BusIn storage
ÅS165BusIn service
ÅS272BusIn service
ÅS287BusIn storage
ÅS452BusIn service
HHA4994Work cartIn storage
KS25Work cartIn storage
KSS1Work cartIn exhibition
KSS2Work cartIn exhibition
KSTv 2Work cartIn exhibition
KSTv 4Work cartIn storage
WSW3241Work cartIn storage
NESA501-02Work cartIn exhibition
ÅSTvWork cartIn exhibition
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