Publications - help
Welcome to the new (temporary) version of Sporvejshistorisk Selskabs publications.
This is instructions in how to use this function.
Should you experience anything that you consider an error or just strange or inconvenient, please send a mail to Bogsalg ([email protected]) and tell us about the problem.
Buttons to select category
Note: Weu se a cookie to save information about your shopping cart. When using this function, you accept that we store a cookie on your computer.

Choice of category

To the right in the screen you see a list of buttons according to the categories of the publications. Use these buttons to select a category.
Now a list of publications of the chosen category is shown.
List of publications within the selected category
The button ../../data/artikler/billeder/vejledning.jpg brings you to these instructions.

Ordering a publication

Next to each publication the button ../../data/artikler/billeder/bestil.jpg is shown. Press this button to order a copy of the publication.

Shopping cart

After ordering a publication it is shown in the shopping cart to the right in the screen.
Shopping cart
Your shopping cart displays
  • Which publications you have ordered
  • How many copies you have ordered of each publication
  • The price for each publication (per piece and total)
  • The total price for all ordered publications
If you wish to change the number of copies ordered for a publication you can press the button ../../data/artikler/billeder/plus_1.png to increase the number by 1 or the button ../../data/artikler/billeder/minus_1.png to decrease the number by 1 (eventually completely remove the publication from the shopping cart).

How to empty the shopping cart

You can remove all publications from the shopping cart by pressing the button ../../data/artikler/billeder/tom.gif.

Complete the order

When you are ready to complete the order, press the button in the shopping cart ../../data/artikler/billeder/adr.gif. Now a list of information to be filled in is shown. Please enter name, address etc. Fields marked by (*) MUST be filled in.
Address informations
To the right you can se your shopping cart which shows the publications you are about to order.
After filling in the information you press the button ../../data/artikler/billeder/bst.gif.
You will receive a confirmation on your order both on-screen and in a mail sent to the e-mail entered.
You may press the button ../../data/artikler/billeder/ftr.gif if you don't want to order right now. You will be returned to the list of publications. The content of the shopping cart is kept unchanged.
Your shopping cart is empty