Sporvejshistorisk Selskab / the Danish Tram Historical Society was founded on 8 February 1965. The purpose of the Society is to extend knowledge of public transport in an apolitical, idealistic manner.        
The Society's many activities include:  

Preservation and restoration of trams and equipment

Research into urban and traffic history
Publication of books, etc.
Publication of the bimonthly periodical "BYtrafik".
Members meetings in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus
Journeys for members to tramway cities abroad

Right from the inaugural meeting, the idea of preserving and restoring the fast-disappearing trams was conceived, so that future generations might be able to see and experience the old trams.

Since 1965, the Society has managed to acquire more than 100 trams, trolley buses and petrol/diesel buses. Some of them are used to restore other items, while others are running or displayed at The Tram Museum Skjoldenæsholm.

The Society has about 1250, members, who have many interests, including:

Traffic history
Modern public transport
Tram services

Urban railways
Trolley and bus services

Types of trams and buses

At the time of the Society's foundation, the transition from trams to buses was already in full swing in Copenhagen. If you are interested in joining the Society, please click here