25. April 2012


Aarhus articulated bus to the museum

The Tram Museum could Friday 20th april pick up the articulated bus with the number 452 at Aarhus Tramways.

ÅS 452 before departing from Aarhus Sporveje Garage South in Hasselager  Friday the 20th april. (Morten E. Storgaard)

The bus is a Volvo B10MA-55 with Swedish built Säffle System 2000 chassis and delivered to Aarhus Tramways in May 2000 - almost 12 years ago. 452 was the last high-floor articulated bus delivered to Aarhus Tramways, which in total received 34 buses of this type in years 1994-2000 in addition to the 18 DAB Silkeborg articulated buses received in 1988-1993. Bus 452 also ended an era in Aarhus, as it as the last high-floor articulated bus ended its life in January this year -  low-floor articulated buses from Solaris are still numerous in the capital of Jutland.

It will not be the Tramway museum's first articulated bus, as it will complement HT 801, which is a Saurer / Leyland-DAB articulated bus from 1977 that are not currently running. That a bus in just 12 years retained as museumsbus in some eyes perhaps weird and unattractive, but it is much better - especially economic - to take over the vehicles directly from the operation rather than find them as holiday homes, in scrap yards or in Eastern Europe in 20 - 30 years.

ÅS 452 is again provided with the monogram of Aarhus Sporveje and Aarhus' city arms and greet at the Tramway Museum a former colleague, ÅS 272, Sunday 22 april.
(Morten E. Storgaard

The bus is with an age of 12 years in fantastic condition and we owe thanks to the personnel by Aarhus Tramways, which has been very helpful. The bus is delivered with license plates and remains registered so far.