Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum

6. May 2011


Trolleybus KS 101 in operation in Landskrona

Copenhagen Trolleybus KS 101, which is normally exhibited at the Tramway Museum, was approved by Applus+ at its statutory inspection in April. This occurred after special permission was granted by the National Rail Authority to the Tramway Museum, which naturally has a 600 V DC supply and an officially calibrated braking pulley facility. The latter is available at all inspection halls, but not 600 V DC!

The bus was built in 1938 for the Copenhagen Tramway Company, and with the cessation of trolleybus operations it was transferred to the Tramway’s museum vehicle collection. It was exhibited at the then HT museum on Islevdalsvej, and was transferred in 2003 to the Tramway Museum in Skjoldenæsholm. Due to lack of exhibition space it was kept in storage until 2009, after which it has been exhibited in Valby Old Depot.


There will be an opportunity to take a ride on the bus on Saturday 14 May and Sunday 15 May between 11.00 am and 4.00 pm. You can also take a ride on Tuesday 17 May from 12.00 pm - 2.00 pm.


The plan is for the bus to be returned to Skjoldenæsholm as soon as possible after the last day's trip.


SS F3 no. 4038, which belongs to the Swedish Tramway Society, will also be running on the aforementioned dates. This bus is built for driving on the left!


Please note that both buses are museum vehicles, so there may be changes or cancellations during the aforementioned times.