Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum

25. December 2010

New low-floor bus for the Tramway Museum

On Saturday 18 December, the Danish Tramway Museum at Skjoldenæsholm took over a modern, low-floor bus from the bus company Netbus A/S in Skibby.

This is one of the last Danish-produced low-floor buses built by Aabenraa Karrosserifabrik and delivered to Partner Bus A/S in December 1994. The model is the familiar Volvo B10BLE low-floor bus, but uses the final body type made by Aabenraa Karrosserifabrik before the company was acquired by Volvo and began using Volvo’s own System 2000.

The bus bears the internal number 8431, and plied bus routes in Hornsherred throughout its 16-year career.

The bus was a gift to the Danish Tramway Museum at Skjoldenæsholm from Netbus A/S, and we would therefore like to send our sincere thanks to Netbus A/S as well as to the staff who looked after this new museum bus.