12. October 2009

Restoration of KS 261

The work of restoring KS 261, built in 1907 by the Copenhagen Tramway Company, is progressing at a steady pace.

The roof guttering is currently being fitted, after giving the wooden roof three coats of paint. Experimentally, old-fashioned linseed oil paint is being used in the restoration.

Once the gutters have been fitted, cable boxes will be fitted to house the resistance cables, etc. These resistances are used when the vehicle is starting up and braking. Later, lateral boards and sign holders will be fitted.

The platform lead, i.e. the panel under the windows at each end, has been temporarily fixed in place, and will later be riveted. In 1907 the platform lead was not welded, but riveted to the edge of the bumper.


The chassis has returned from sandblasting and has been painted with rust-retardant paint and its final colour. The two motors have also returned, so together with all the small parts, the tram is now ready for assembly.