12. July 2009

NESA 929 in operation


NESA - Nordsjællands Elektricitets og Sporvejs Aktieselskab - hatte insgesamt 10 Exemplare dieser neuen Typ gekauft.

The NESA electricity and tramway company purchased a total of 10 trams of this type.

The trams were purchased to compete with the commuter S-trains, which had been successfully introduced in the same year.

NESA operated two tram routes in Copenhagen from 1904 to 1953. Routes 14 and 15 both ran via Gentofte Municipality.

The new tram type was designed by the architect Ib Lunding, and is considered by connoisseurs to be one of the world's most beautiful trams.

NESA 929 was in operation until 1953, when it was bought by the Copenhagen Tramway Company and given the number 617.

It was converted to operate with a seated conductor. The rear doors became double doors, and a centre door was added.

As a curiosity, it could be mentioned that it ran as a driver-operated tram on route 20.


Upon the cessation of tramway operations in Copenhagen in 1972, the vehicle was transferred to the Danish Tramway Historical Society, as one of two tram trains designed by Ib Lunding which the society received.

At a ceremony at the Tramway Museum on 9 July 2009, the members of Team 929 who could be present were honoured for their great work over the past seven years in restoring NESA 929 to its original condition.

The chairman of the Danish Tramway Historical Society, Mikael Lund, held a speech thanking Team 929 for their successful work.

After the ceremony, the guests were invited to take part in NESA 929's inaugural trip to Eilers Eg.


At Eilers Eg, the museum provided drinks for the guests before NESA 929 entered ordinary operations at the museum.