28. April 2009

Odense Omnibus - OO15

In March 2009, OO 15 (Odense Omnibus no. 15, from 1949) was towed to the paint shop.

In spring 2006, when the panelling and body parts were fully restored, the vehicle was transported on a flatbed truck from Hammel outside Aarhus to Hudevad southeast of Odense, where the Tramway Museum has leased premises.

Here it remained for a time, waiting for the comprehensive and expensive task of being painted. It has to be painted in no less than five different colours, after which various texts will also be painted on.

Plenty of work remains, as all of the internal fittings are missing, and the motor still needs a lot of work.

We are still searching for new tyres, as the old ones are rather worn and oval after so many years of standing still. The bus unfortunately has a non-standard tyre size which is very difficult to find.

Rubber edging for the windows is specially made, but must naturally wait until after the body is painted.

You can see a series of pictures from the transport here.

When it is fully restored, OO15 will look like the bus in John Lundgren's drawing from 1999.