19. February 2009

News on the 890

It is early morning, and bitterly cold, but it is Saturday 14 February 2009 - a very special day and task lie ahead. The B-section of KS 890 is to be moved from the workshops of Vestsjællands Lokalbaner in Holbæk to Skjoldenæsholm.

Back in July 2002, all of KS 890 was moved from the Tramway Museum to Holbaek on a special long Swedish transporter. In November of the same year, the bogie vehicle was divided in the middle and restoration work began on the front half of the vehicle (the A-section). The rear vehicle half (the B-section) was stored outdoors until the work on the A-section was completed. The work of restoring the A-section after various traffic accidents in Alexandria was more encompassing than expected and took a long time.

In February 2004, the panel work was complete on the A-section, which could be moved to the paint shop, and the B-section could be moved inside to undergo the same restoration work as the A-section, which by August 2004 was completely finished and painted, and ready to be transported back to Skjoldenæsholm. On 18 August 2007, the A-section was given a test drive to check its electrical installations - three years of hard spare time work had succeeded!

On 20 July 2007 the panel work was completed on the B-section, and the finished half-vehicle could be moved to the paint shop. By June 2008 the vehicle was almost completely painted, and lacked only the final floor work, etc. Unfortunately, the paint shop was then hit by a major fire which blackened the vehicle and damaged some panels, etc.

In the autumn of 2008 the fire damage was repaired and the vehicle was painted again, and in February 2009 it was finally completed and could be returned to Skjoldenæsholm.

P.E. Kristensen hauliers arrived in Holbæk at 8:00 am with their big 150 ton/metre crane and a flat-bed truck with our usual driver, Jan, at the wheel. The beautiful yellow tram half was drawn up on the turntable, shining in the newly-risen morning sun. On Holbæk station, the commuters looked on in puzzlement as a "half" tram emerged from the workshop. By 9.40 am the loading was complete and the vehicle firmly tied down, and the truck could leave Holbaek and head for Skjoldenæsholm. 

Here, the museum staff had ensured that the motor bogie and tramway truck were ready, together with the large, heavy pivot which had to be manually lifted up under the vehicle and bolted on, and the even heavier link between the bogie and the pivot, which had to be fitted before the vehicle could be placed on its new motor bogie. The open vehicle end at the central section had to rest on - and be welded onto - a special tramway truck, so that it could be carefully manoeuvred with the motor trolley.

Lowering the vehicle onto the motor bogie and truck went smoothly, as it all fitted together. Shortly afterwards, the vehicle could be moved away from the loading track and into Valby Depot. A transportation task had been concluded.

The B-section will now require electrical installation, but like the front half, it will be a mammoth task. Fitting out, and a great deal more, also remains to be done. There are still many tasks to be carried out before the rear vehicle half can be re-united with the front half, and KS 890 can once again become a proper bogie tram.