3. February 2009

Status of KS 815

Good progress is still being made on the front half of KS 815. The whole front end is now taking shape, with a new front panel to replace the previous one, which was dented, rusted and in any case non-original, and an adaptation of the front window, which stems from a "donor vehicle", Mülheim 255, which has provided many original Düwag spare parts for this restoration job.

Other remaining tasks include finishing off the skirts and installing the route lamps, which will probably have to be scratch-built on the model of the old ones, as well as the route number box on the front. The route sign box is unusual in that it holds metal panel signs, which are illuminated. Its "sister vehicle", KS 890, on the other hand, has a route sign which is illuminated from behind.

The rear half of the vehicle (the B section) is still at Skjoldenæsholm and has had all its fittings removed, including the windows, doors, etc., and various electrical installations under the vehicle. In this connection, a rotary converter was removed for renovation by our usual partner Nielsen & Rønne in Nykøbing Falster.


Before the museum could send this off, it had to be cleaned of Alexandria street dust. The air intake for the electric motor turned out to be completely blocked, but by using compressed air we were able to blow out several kilos of "desert sand" from the motor bracket and housing. Incredible that it was able to run in such a state. A good thing the converter was scheduled for a service and renovation!

We still need to remove the floor to get the vehicle ready for sandblasting, which will not be done until we know the date of completion of the front half of the vehicle (the A-section), which is at Asnæs Body Works.

Doors for both KS 890 and KS 815 are being prepared.