14. January 2009

News on the 890

The paint shop of Vestsjællands Lokalbaner is back in full operation after the fire of 17 June, when the B section (rear half of the vehicle ) was seriously soot-damaged, with slight heat distortion of some panels. On the morning after the fire, the vehicle was immediately cleaned of soot inside and out.

Now Vestsjællands Lokalbaner's skilled painters have been hard at work, so that the vehicle has once again received its characteristic yellow colour below the window edges, white around the window apertures and up to the eaves, and grey on the roof. Internally, the window glazing bars have been painted cream, and the floor is painted entirely grey - just as it was when the tram was first delivered to KS in 1965.

Before the vehicle leaves Holbæk, the vehicle number will be painted on the right and left sides, and on the bumper at the back, as well as "Entrance" at the rear door and "No entrance" on the door by the middle section.

The underfloor and strips along the heating and ventilation ducts have not yet been installed, and linoleum will be laid on the floor. This work will probably begin in January 2009, when the markings are complete and the vehicle has been moved from the paint shop, which is needed for other painting tasks.


The museum has begun to plan the transport and arrange extra track space at the Tramway Museum, which still suffers from a serious lack of space. There will especially be space problems at this year's big Christmas event, as the Christmas café is necessarily installed in the track area, and all the vehicles are lined up, with very small gaps between them.

Once the vehicle has arrived at the museum, the major work can begin of installing the electrical systems, and later the internal fitting-out. But things can take a long time when all the work is voluntary and can only be done in leisure time!

It is also for space reasons that the A-section (front vehicle half) will not be immediately joined to the B-section (rear vehicle half), as it is easier to find room for two "small" units in the museum's workshop area than for a vehicle nearly 20 metres long.

Once we know when the work is likely to be completed in Holbæk, we will publicise it here on the museum's website. There will be something to look forward to at the start of 2009, when it is finished in Holbæk and can be transported to Skjoldenæsholm and displayed when the museum opens for the new season on 2 May.