4. December 2008

New museum bus

On Wednesday 3 December 2008, Skjoldenæsholm Tramway Museum received a gift in the form of former HT bus no. 1596 from the Public Transport Training Centre in Ballerup. The bus had been used since 1995 to provide driving lessons for trainees aiming to acquire the category D driving licence. Several of the Tramway Museum's volunteer drivers had trained on this very bus.

Originally, the bus had been delivered on 16 September 1983 from the factory in Aabenraa to the HT company (Copenhagen City and Regional Transport) in Copenhagen. In 1991, the bus was equipped with all-over advertising for Frisko Ice Cream, and it carried this advertising, in two variants, until 1995, when it became an instruction vehicle at the Public Transport Training Centre, formerly the HT training centre. After 25 years of daily operations, first as an ordinary HT bus, and subsequently as an instruction vehicle, the bus has been retired and will enjoy its old age at Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum, where it will be well looked after.

HT 1596 is a Volvo B10M (mk. I) vehicle with the so-called M82 chassis made by Aabenraa Karrosserifabrik. The motor is a 9.6 litre Volvo THD100EC, which delivers 245 HP at 2200 rpm. The original gearbox, with which the bus will again be fitted, was a Voith D851 automatic gearbox with three forward gears and one reverse gear. It has room for 33 sitting and 49 standing passengers, and is equipped with both central and rear platforms. When the bus was converted into an instruction vehicle, the automatic gearbox was replaced with a manual gearbox, and a driving instructor seat was fitted, with a clutch and brake pedal, together with extra windows. All of this will naturally have to be removed again in order to restore the bus to its original form. The gearbox will be replaced with one identical to the original, and the bus will naturally be repainted.

The bus came with number plates, but it will shortly be deregistered and stored in the depot for a number of years.

Museum guests will however probably have an opportunity to see the bus in operation at the Tramway Museum's Christmas event during the weekend of 13-14 December, when veteran buses will collect guests arriving by steam train from Copenhagen.

We would like to offer our grateful thanks to the Public Transport Training Centre, which has provided a very well-kept bus for our collection of around 130 historical trams and buses.