5. July 2008

Waiting room at the workshop

At the beginning of April, the waiting room from Vestre Kirkegårds Allé arrived at the Copenhagen Technical Academy in Herlev, where it was initially placed inside the gateway. Above, you can see the waiting room on 29 April, when oak arrived from the sawmill company Hvalsø Savværk A/S, which had sponsored the oak.

At the beginning of May, the school's apprentice carpenters began to erect a frame to protect the waiting-room from the wind and weather.

On 9 May, rafters were added to the frame.

Finally, on 13 May, a plastic cover was added. However, the school's practical work instructor, Flemming Preuthun, assessed that most of the wood had deteriorated so much after more than a hundred years in the open air that it would have to be replaced.

In the meantime, the work of cutting the new wood had begun. Here we see a couple of new rafters.

Since then, the Copenhagen Technical Academy has moved the work indoors, closer to the machines that work the wood. By Monday 1 July, a lot of progress had been made, as you can see above.

The waiting room is so large that it cannot be moved out through the gateway, so it will have to be dismantled when the time comes for it to be sent back to the Tramway Museum.

The Copenhagen Technical Academy will be on holiday for the rest of July, so no more work will be done on the waiting room before the beginning of August.