19. June 2008

Fire in Holbæk

On Tuesday 17 June, the workshops of Vestsjællands Lokalbaner (West Sealand Local Railways) were badly damaged by a fire which arose in the paint shop. The fire started between 3 pm and 6:30 pm. The fire services and the workshop manager, Erik Olsen, arrived at 6.34 pm.

The cause of the fire is so far unknown, but there was no sign of vandalism, and roof work was not being carried out at the time.


KS 890 had sustained soot damage everywhere, and on the Wednesday morning (18 June), the ISS company began the cleaning-up process.

The fire arose outside the vehicle, and the only serious heat damage to the vehicle body has been at the articulated end, as can be seen from the bubbling of the paint on the roof, internally and externally.

The paint shop was completely destroyed. Erik Olsen informs us that he expects it will take around six months to be re-established. KS 890 will then be repainted.

The paint job on KS 890 was otherwise complete, in its yellow colour. The roof guttering had been fitted by our people on the Tuesday, and the painter had just finished painting the white borders around the windows and up to the roof edge.