4. june 2008

News on the 890

On the B-section (rear half) of KS 890 the characteristic yellow colour from the window edges and below is nearly fully hardened, and the painter at Vestsjællands Lokalbaner is busy masking off so that he can continue with the white colour around the window apertures and up to the roof edge, and then grey on the roof.

The body has previously been filled and ground many times, and now looks just as it did when it was brand new in 1965. The internal underfloor is ready, and the linoleum will be laid when the paint work is finished.

Before the vehicle leaves Holbæk, the vehicle number will be painted on the right and left sides, and on the bumper at the back, as well as "Entrance" at the rear door and "No entrance" on the door by the middle section.

The museum has begun planning the transport, and especially to find the extra track space at the Tramway Museum, which still suffers from a serious lack of space. The work of installing the electrical fittings and the internal fitting-out can then proceed.

Students from the furniture department of Copenhagen Technical School have taken on the project of manufacturing two copies of an original conductor plinth which the museum acquired at the beginning of the 1970s from the Copenhagen Tramway Company. The other plinth will be used in KS 815, of which the A-section (front half) is being restored.

When we know when the paint work will be finished on KS 890 in Holbæk, we will announce it here at the museum's website. There is a lot to look forward to when it arrives at the museum and is finally reunited, via the linking middle section, with the A-section, which went for its own test run in August 2007!

The A-section of KS 890 has been re-fitted with most of its internal ceiling panels, which have been liberated of an incredible number of layers of Egyptian paint, applied in copious amounts. The internal fixtures (seats, windows, wall cladding, driver's position, signage, etc.) still remain to be fitted. The restoration is costing a great deal of time and money, but it will look very fine!