21. March 2008

Latest news of KS 815

Great progress is now taking place with KS 815.

A year ago, the first half of the vehicle, known as the A-section, was sent for sandblasting and subsequently transported to Asnæs Body Plant in Odsherred.

The side cladding panels have been removed from KS 815, and a strong iron I-profile has been laid lengthwise through the vehicle body. The vehicle's irregularities have been measured, and the front end of the self-supporting bottom frame has been lifted around 25 mm and thereby pulled into place. Further bracing has been undertaken of the vehicle's sides, to prevent the lower part of the body sagging any further. By comparison, we could mention that KS 890 - the other of the museum's Copenhagen articulated trams - had sagged around 60 to 65 mm at the front end, so we could say that 815 is in slightly better condition than its sister. But no matter what, the damages sustained during exile in Alexandria will not be visible when the vehicles are fully restored.

The very first side panel, which helps to stabilise the vehicle body, was fitted in week 11. This was done by 'binding' the panel by spot welding at certain points.

Fitting and repair has also commenced on the door posts, which form a natural part of the load-bearing structure of the vehicle.


Good progress is being made with 815, and the museum staff are working hard to advance the project as much as possible. In this connection, various parts, including the vehicle's skirts, have been ordered from external suppliers.