26. December 2007

News about 890

Progress is being made on the B-section of 890. The floor is being laid, and the body has been given a coat of rust-retardant primer and filled for the first time. The vehicle has been to the paint shop, but other tasks have been occupying VL's painters, such as work on the new Lint trains, so it has now been moved to another track in the workshop. Here, work is being done on all the floor panels, which will soon be clad in linoleum. When this is done, the vehicle can return to the paint shop, where the filling and polishing work can continue. We know, however, that a central carriage of a Y train will have to be painted first, before the painting work on the tram can begin in earnest.


We still don't dare to predict when the painting work on the body will be finished in Holbæk, but it will be done well and look good! The Tramway Museum is not in urgent need of the vehicle - it is more important that the work is done well in the usual high VL quality, when there is time for it among the workshop's other railway-related tasks. In addition, the winter months are not a good time to transport newly-painted trams, as there is often a lot of salt on the roads, which we would naturally prefer to avoid.

As soon as 890 gets its 'tram colours', we will place some pictures here at the website.

In the middle of August, the A-section of 890 was given a test drive under its own power. This test run with a "half vehicle" from the depot to Ejlers Eg went as planned, i.e. without problems. But it did look a bit strange with a half tram, without the characteristic middle section or its windows, doors and internal fittings.