9. June 2007

Inauguration of KS 22

The great day arrived at last for KS 22:


On the morning of 9 June, museum staff member Jesper Reinfeldt, co-ordinator of the KS 22 project, was the driver of the tram train, which consisted of KS 22 and two trailers, KS 1253 and KS 389.

By the time tramway operations ceased in Copenhagen in 1972, KS 22 had become track maintenance vehicle no. S2, but it has now been restored to the appearance it had prior to 1924.

All the main types of Copenhagen double-decker trams are now represented at the Tramway Museum.

These include the Frederiksberg types, represented by FS 50, and the central Copenhagen types, now represented by KS 22.

KS 22 was photographed in front of Valby Old Depot, together with FS 50, its 'half-sister' KS 100, and KS 100's sister S-1. KS 100 was also once a two-storey tram, like S1, which used to be KS 23.

Tulle Olsen, deputy mayor of Ringsted Municipality, was invited to hold the inauguration speech ...

... after which she was the driver on KS 22's maiden trip, assisted by the museum's tram driving expert, Erik Storgaard

After a journey of just over 3 kilometres, the tram train returned to its stop at Valby Langgade.

KS 22 is now in ordinary operations at the museum.