25. April 2007

NESA 929 on its own wheels

Wednesday 25 April marked another milestone day at the Tramway Museum, as the body of NESA 929 was lowered onto its bogies. The tram originally belonged to the North Sealand Electricity and Tramway Company, but was sold in 1952 to the Copenhagen Tramway Company, where it was given the number KS 617.

Around 1982 it was removed from its bogies and renovation was begun, but a few years later the process was halted due to lack of manpower. Then, in the spring of 2002, an individual member of staff decided to re-start the project, and since then intensive work has been done, luckily with more manpower available in the latest couple of years. "Team 929" was established by a group of the museum's staff to complete the enormous task of restoration and rebuilding.

The body had been lifted and standing on blocks for around 25 years. In recent years, much work has been done to restore it, including laying an entirely new floor in cork and brown linoleum.


All of the electrical installations have been re-cabled, and the tram has also been converted from single-ended to double-ended, which has meant the removal of the conductor's station and the replacement of the middle door by a large window. The tram has thereby been returned to the original condition it enjoyed when the architect Ib Lunding first designed this beautiful tram type for the Copenhagen Tramway Company.

The bogies were totally stripped down for repair, and the motors were renovated. The suspension and everything movable was taken out for thorough renovation, and new bearings were cast for the axles.

After all this, Wednesday 25 April was a date the tireless "Team 929" will never forget, as the body was at long last reunited with its bogies.

As you can see from the pictures, it's crucial that it fits perfectly - and it did! The tram was then carefully pulled around the turning loops by a motor trolley, both on the forecourt and at Eilers Eg, while the staff held their eyes and especially their ears open for any odd movements or sounds. Luckily, all went well!

"Team 929" celebrated the milestone event with a glass of champagne. Later there was salami and a glass of 2007 tram beer for all the other museum staff present, as it was such a special day!





The next major job will be to connect all the cables. We dare not guess at when the tram will be running under its own power for the first time, but the team hopes it will be soon ...