31. March 2007

KS 815 send for sandblasting

On 26 June 2001, APTA 815 arrived at Copenhagen Freeport on board the RoRo vessel "Zeran".

APTA 815 was one of the 99 trams sold by the Copenhagen Tramway Company to tramways in Alexandria, Egypt. The actual vehicle number(815) was retained.



APTA is an abbreviation for

The tram run for a couple of seasons at the Tramway Museum, so that guests could experience the Egyptian standard of maintenance.


Like its sister tram which the museum received in 2001, this tram was also to be returned to its former glory as KS 815, so on Saturday 24 March 2007, KS 815's A-section (the front) left the Tramway Museum's tracks. It was taken to JP Sandblasting in Svinninge to be liberated of the many kilos of filler and innumerable layers of paint which had been added with a "generous hand" from 1969-70 to 2001.

There is little actual rust damage; most of the repairs concentrated on the many bumps and bruises from collisions with other trams, and doubtless also with the lighter street trader's carts. These repairs and panel replacements were carried out with a finish not often seen in these latitudes.



By Friday 30 March the carriage section had been sand-blasted internally and externally, with the exception of side panels that were to be replaced. Everything was subsequently given a thin coat of brown primer, to prevent rust forming on the cleaned iron panels and iron side members while the section is being restored.

In the afternoon the vehicle section was transported to Asnæs Carriage Works, which has taken upon itself the major task of restoring the load-bearing parts and panels.

Before KS 815 was sent for sandblasting, the museum staff managed to grind, clean, scrape and polish back the original yellow livery and the grey and cream lines around the window assemblies, so that the carriage regained its original colours from 1960.

KS 815 entered service with the Copenhagen Tramway Company on 7 December 1960 on route 6, and on 23 October 1969 was taken by rail to Copenhagen Freeport, where its long sea voyage began.

It had been in Copenhagen for just nine years, but was to spend almost 32 years in Alexandria until June 2001, when it was bought by the Tramway Museum and returned to Denmark to enjoy a retirement among happy museum guests, many of whom can clearly remember the elegant lines of "Miss Dusseldorf" from her time in Copenhagen.