8. May 2006

Great news for bus enthusiasts

It was practically a miracle that the Danish Tramway Museum at Skjoldenæsholm managed to save former Copenhagen HT bus no. 1501 from being scrapped in Jutland. The bus was built by DAB in Silkeborg in 1982 and delivered to HT (Copenhagen City and Regional Transport) in the same year. The motor is of the type TL-11, built by the Leyland company. DAB, Leyland and HT have now all passed into history, so the bus is already in many ways a "museum bus".

The bus was withdrawn from service in 1995 after having been sold to one of HT's bus companies, Linjebus A/S.

This acquisition is a special one because HT received deliveries of around 160 buses of this type, which were also delivered in modified versions to DSB Buses and a number of hauliers. So this type - known among enthusiasts as a DAB Series 6 - can be regarded as an archetypal Copenhagen bus. There are very few buses of this type left in Europe, and in Denmark, HT 1501 is one of the very last examples.

"It was purely by chance that we heard about the bus," say the four museum staff members behind the detective work. "We thought that a DAB Series 6 would be a good bus to preserve, but it seemed to be too late. Then we suddenly heard about a DAB Series 6 in Viborg, and contacted the owner. The owner thought the bus had been scrapped long ago, but we didn't give up so easily." A subsequent visit to Viborg and some correspondence resulted in HT 1501 coming into the right hands, namely those of the museum. It was at the very last minute, as the bus was due to be cut up for scrap just after Easter.

"Unfortunately, the bus didn't come free of charge. Both the former owner and the haulier responsible for the transport to Skjoldenæsholm had to be paid. As we have had to provide an economic guarantee in connection with the acquisition, we hope that many bus enthusiasts will make a donation to the Tramway Museum at Skjoldenæsholm to help to cover the cost", say the four happy staff members.

They encourage all to make a donation, be it large or small, to the Tramway Museum's Depot Fund, and thereby to HT 1501:

Giro account 819-8675
Danish Tramway Historical Society
Depot Fund
c/o Mikael Lund
Ellinorsvej 9
DK-2920 Charlottenlund
Write on the form: "Contribution to HT 1501"

Danish residents can even achieve a tax benefit by supporting the bus. The Danish Tramway Historical Society is approved under section 8A of the Danish Tax Assessment Act as an association to which an annual deductible contribution of up to DKK 7,100 can be made. The first DKK 500 cannot however be deducted, so the maximum deduction is DKK 6,600.

"The more money we can collect for the bus, the faster we can get it restored and working again," say the bus enthusiasts. "We are convinced that lots of people would like to ride in a DAB Series 6 again, and with a little economic help that goal is not all unrealistic."

For now, the plan is to exhibit the bus at the Tramway Museum during the weekend of 29 - 30 July 2006