25. October 2006

New museum bus

On 24 October, the Danish Tramway Museum at Skjoldenæsholm took over a modern, low-floor bus from the bus company Fjord-Bus A/S in Slangerup.

FB 7433 says goodbye to two of its siblings
at the bus depot in Slangerup

This is one of Denmark's very first low-floor buses, built by DAB in Silkeborg and originally delivered to the Birkerød Bus Company in February 1993, but acquired shortly afterwards, in 1994, by Fjord-Bus, an offshoot of the Birkerød Bus Company. The model is the familiar DAB Silkeborg Citybus - known to bus enthusiasts as the DAB 15-1200C mk I.

The bus originally served routes in the Birkerød area, but for most of its almost 14 -year career it ran on routes in and around Frederikssund and Slangerup.

The bus was a gift from Fjord-Bus A/S to the Danish Tramway Museum at Skjoldenæsholm, and we would like to send our sincere thanks to Fjord-Bus A/S as well as to the staff who made sure the new museum bus looked its very best.

Despite the bus's relatively young age - just under 14 years - it will remain registered for now, as it will be extremely useful for various transportation tasks in connection with the Tramway Museum. It will initially be used for transporting museum guests from Hvalsø station to the Tramway Museum and back on the weekend of 9 -10 December, when the Tramway Museum will be open for sales of Christmas trees and there will be a steam train service from Copenhagen to Hvalsø, connecting to the Tramway Museum.

The bus on its way down Strandstræde in Slangerup, still bearing the number (309E) of the route it plied until Friday 20/10. In the background is Slangerup Church.

Until just a few years ago, Fjord-Bus, and thereby also 7433, ran on route 348 between Slangerup and Måløv station. In the picture the bus revisits Bygaden in Ganløse.

With route sign 304 to Ølstykke, FB 7433 leaves its "home ground" via Krogsholmvej in Stenløse on its way to a good retirement at the Danish Tramway Museum at Skjoldenæsholm.