13. June 2006

KS 575 og KS 1578 in Amsterdam

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Dutch museum association NVBS, one of the Tramway Museum's Lunding tramcar sets was loaned to the Tramway Museum Association in Amsterdam. The theme was to show trams from the 1930s and modern trams of today. The oldest participating tram was from 1929, and the newest a low-floor model from 2003.

On Wednesday 7 June, shortly after midnight, bogie motor tram no. KS 575 and its matching trailer, KS 1578, were loaded onto two Dutch flat-bed trucks, ready for the road trip to Amsterdam.

Having safely arrived in Amsterdam, the tramcar set was brought to the Central Tramway Workshop to have a pantograph fitted, as the characteristic Copenhagen trolley pole cannot be used with the Dutch power cables.

To eliminate any possible problems with the old trams on the network, a trial run was made on the Saturday to check for any problems on the curves and see how well the pantograph "interacted" with the cable.

Despite the fact that the trial run began at just after midnight on Saturday 10 June, we didn't get back to the workshop until 6.00 am! It was thus possible to get a picture of the tramcar set in sunshine on its way back to the depot. The trial run revealed no problems for our tram set, whereas the almost brand new Citadis low-floor tram, on loan from Rotterdam, was given some driving restrictions!

The actual calcavade took place on Sunday 11 June along a 5 km stretch of track from Sloterdijk to Surinameplein.

The Copenhagen bogie tram, seen on its way to Surinameplein.

After its run on the ordinary tram network, the tramcar set was driven to the museum tramway in Amsterdam, where, together with the other trams, it spent the rest of the day taking part in the museum traffic from Haarlemmermeer Station. Here, KS 575 and 1578 stop outside Havenstraat depot to allow passengers to alight, before entering the depot and the museum tramway.

KS 575 at the temporary terminal of the museum tramway. The trailer has been parked inside the depot, as roadworks have temporarily closed off part of the museum tramway, including a turning loop. In the picture, KS 575 is seen in the company of HTM 830 from Den Haag (left) and RET 522 from Rotterdam (right).

The bogie tramcar set has now been left in the safe hands of our Dutch museum colleagues, who will mainly be using the motor tram on the museum line.

The tramcar set is expected to be back in service at the Danish Tramway Museum at Skjoldenæsholm on the weekend of 29 - 30 July, which is also a Traffic Weekend with 5-minute operations and a theme based on Copenhagen route 9.