22. May 2006


The Tramway Museum at Skjoldenæsholm is a museum where work is always being done on restoration, maintenance, completion of external areas and much more.


On 23 May 2006, the Danish crown prince and princess were due to visit to inaugurate the royal tram from Melbourne, Australia. This meant hectic activity in the weeks leading up to the visit to make the museum as presentable as possible.

Areas were smoothed out and buses run from one of the rented stockyards to the museum, partly to show off the buses, but also to give the museum a more integrated appearance.


There was a general rehearsal in the afternoon, and the participating trams were brought out.


It was discussed where the trams should be located in relation to each other, both on the forecourt where the crown prince and princess would be arriving, and on the stretch out to the Eilers Eg loop.