17. June 2005

 40th Anniversary - the sunday

Sunday 12 June 2005 saw the other half of the cavalcade in which Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum marked the Danish Tramway Historical Society's 40th anniversary.

The second half of the weekend's cavalcade was dedicated to the Tram Museum's foreign trams, and shortly before 11.00 am, the parade was ready to start at Eilers Eg.

As the turning loop at Eilers Eg was occupied by cavalcade trams, a couple of bidirectional Copenhagen trams ran on the stretch from the Forecourt to the stop at the Bridge, where their trolley poles were reversed.

The cavalcade was opened with a speech by the chairman of the Danish Tramway Historical Society, Mikael Lund.

Then along came the foreign trams, past Valby Old Depot, where they were presented one by one.

There were trams from Belgium and Germany.

Scandinavia was also represented, including by a Norwegian tram, the Museum's widest tram to date.

Germany was, and is, a major tram country, and the very widespread Düsseldorf type was on display.

Meanwhile, the museum's Swiss tram was busy bringing visitors to the museum from the car park.


After the cavalcade, trams ran at five-minute intervals on the standard gauge stretch, mainly with foreign trams.

In the afternoon the sun came out, which our Dutch friend enjoyed down at Eilers Eg.

Sweden was represented by a tram from Copenhagen's neighbouring town of Malmö.