12. June 2005

40th Anniversary - the saturday

Saturday 11 June 2005 was the first day of the weekend in which Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum marked the 40th anniversary of the Danish Tramway Historical Society 8 February 2005.

Many of the museum's voluntary staff were there, busy at their various tasks to make the day as much of a success as possible.

At 8.00 am, the flag was raised to the top of the flagpole.

The museum's veteran buses were lined up ready for their part of the cavalcade.

The museum's trams were driven out to the terminal at Eilers Eg, ready to mark the day with a big cavalcade.

At 10.00 am the museum opened, and soon many guests were arriving.


The Aarhus trams had a busy day ferrying the guests up to the forecourt.

On the forecourt, the HT orchestra played for the crowd.

An anniversary speech was given by the chairman of the Danish Tramway Historical Society, Mikael Lund.

Ringsted's deputy mayor, Rasmus Kristensen, held a fine speech and started the cavalcade.

The tram cavalcade was organised so that the trams ran from Eilers Eg and up to the forecourt in order of age.

The first one was DKS 17, a tram built in 1897, followed by the Frederiksberg Sporveie tram.


On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the end of the occupation of Denmark in 1945, the Danish Tramway Historical Society's first tram acquistion, KS 437, was in "warpaint", i.e. the livery that trams bore in Copenhagen during the blackout of 1940 - 1945.

When the tram calcavade was over, a bus from the Frederiksberg Tramway Company, FS 1, was started up with a starting handle.

FS 1 was the first bus in the bus calcavade, and as it was sent off on a short trip with specially-invited guests, the remainder of the calcavade, with KS 41 in the lead, began their trip around Valsølille Lake.

Among the specially-invited guests on the trip with FS 1 were Niels Ulrich Hermansen, chairman of the Danish Liberal Party's council group in Ringsted Urban Council, Ringsted's deputy mayor Rasmussen Kristensen and the chairman of the Danish Tramway Historical Society, Mikael Lund.

At the reception, which took place in Valby Old Depot, the chocolate delicacies were sponsored by Viking Chocolate.

After the cavalcade, trams ran at 5-minute intervals on the standard gauge stretch from the forecourt out to Eilers Eg, where the guests enjoyed their picnic lunches surrounded by the busy trams.


The doubledecker Frederiksberg Sporveie tram was very popular.

Half an hour before closing time the weather changed, and a heavy rainstorm mixed with hail made the end of the day a little wet.


After their busy day, the veteran buses enjoyed themselves watching their reflections in the newly-formed Skjoldenæsholm Pond.