30. December 2005

Melbourne tram ready for shipping

On 30 December 2005 the royal tram was well lashed down on the quayside in Melbourne in preparation for its long voyage to Denmark.

The tram has been placed on a 40-foot container which will provide the tram's secure 'foundation' during the entire trip.


The tram is secured to its base by several powerful belts and clamps. Representatives of the gift-givers have expressed great satisfaction with the procedure so far.

Everything has been secured: the windows, doors, trolley poles, lifeguards, electrical installations, etc.

On the morning of 4 January, the container load with the royal tram was taken to the quay in Melbourne harbour and loaded on board the Maersk Tokyo for the first part of the voyage to Denmark.

The Maersk Tokyo will bring the tram to Yokohama, arriving on 16 January, where it will be reloaded onto a large new container ship, the Gudrun Maersk, with departure for Denmark on 19 January. The ship will pass through the Suez Canal on 5 February and will arrive in the Danish city of Aarhus on Saturday 18 February.