28. December 2005
Snow clearing by tram

Snow clearing vehicle KS S2, built at the Central Tramway Workshop in 1941, has been restored in recent years by the tram museum staff. The vehicle was acquired by the Danish Tramway Historical Society in 1972 in connection with the ending of tram operations in Copenhagen, after which it remained in our depot for 30 years. The vehicle was then disassembled, the electric motor which drives the brushes sent for overhaul and renovation, the cables replaced, rotten wooden fixtures on the vehicle's sides replaced, and all the metal parts, such as axles, gearboxes, operating handles, etc., were sand-blasted and given a coat of linseed oil. This type of paint was used as most of the vehicle is made of wood, which is exposed to a great deal of damp and wear, ranging from wet snow and sub-zero temperatures to sunshine and heatwaves.

The brushes were replaced with new ones made of beech, equipped with up-to-date stiff nylon bristles. The woodwork was carried out by students at the Copenhagen Technical Academy and the brushes were produced by the Blindes Arbejde company.


The motor which drives the brushes is supplied with 600 V DC from the tram that pushes the snow clearing vehicle. The snow clearing vehicle is equipped with a distributor which is in fact used to start the motor. The operator, who must be in the vehicle while it is running, is required to operate the starter, adjust the height of the front brushes above the street, and turn on the side brush when passing kerbs at tram stops, or raise it slightly. All in all, there is plenty to do while the vehicle is running. The operator must also be warmly dressed, as there is no screening against the cold snow which literally rises up in clouds. 

At the Tram Museum we have equipped motor tram no. KS 327 with a so-called "brush wagon connector" at one end, although in such a way that it is not normally visible. The Copenhagen Tramway Company had several trams which were equipped with such connectors. They could be recognised by the fact that their vehicle number plates were considerably smaller than those of the other trams, as the connector was under the front headlight. The Tram Museum is however in possession of one end of tram no. KS 276, which had just such a brush wagon connector, which is why the snow clearing vehicle is exhibited in front of this tram front during the summer.

Like all large transport companies the Tram Museum has winter contingency plans, and here the snow clearing vehicle is very valuable. On Wednesday 28 December 2005, the vehicle was tested on a trip from the depot to Eilers Eg and back. It passed the test, and now only a few adjustments remain to be made to the vehicle before we are well prepared to welcome the winter weather.

We wish all our readers a Happy New Year
hope to see you again in 2006!
From all the staff of Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum.