21. December 2005

The renovation of the tram no. 890

There has been great progress over the last few months with KS 890 at the workshop in Holbæk. New 1.5 mm rolled iron plates have been placed on the roof, which will soon be finished. On the car end, where it is to be coupled to the linking middle section, 2 mm panels have again been welded on, including in the area beneath the window on the right-hand side between door number three and the middle section, but many adjustments are still required. Panels have been re-applied to the left-hand side beneath the windows, and the work has almost reached the rear. 

There is still a lot of metalwork and panel-beating to come, including the mounting of skirts on both sides of the vehicle and the completion of all window openings, as well as one remaining panel on the roof. The museum is making great efforts to acquire the original curving glass panes for the windows of the rear platform, instead of acrylic panes, which have otherwise been used more recently. Older examples of the equivalent vehicles in Ludwigshafen are equipped with curved glass panes, so the Museum has expressed interest in a possible transfer. When this is done, the work on the rear platform windows will be complete. Unfortunately, we are not in possession of the original drawings of the pane sizes for the curving windows.

Once all the sheet metal work has been carried out in the course of the winter, the joiners will install the floor, and then it will be time for filling, grinding, painting, etc. At the present time, we don't dare to predict when the vehicle sections will be finished in Holbæk, but intensive work is being done on this extensive restoration job, so we will all have to be patient, as much work remains to be done.