14. September 2005

The renovation of the tram no. 890

KS 890 will soon start to look a bit like a Copenhagen articulated tram from Düsseldorf. The roof over the extreme rear end has been laid up for the final adjustments. The old roof panels, which were holed like a sieve, have been removed from the roof frame. The roof frame ribs have been straightened up, as the roof had sunk down quite a bit, probably because of the extra weight of passengers on top ... When the tram ran in Copenhagen it had a painted sign saying "Do NOT tread on the roof" in Danish, but the Egyptians could hardly have understood that!

The entrance door for door no.4 (rear platform) is also making good progress, with the step box more or less mounted, and both door posts in place.

The two window openings on the rear platform will have to be adapted, so that we can be sure that the curved glass fits and that the rear end as a whole has the correct degree of tapering towards the roof edge.

It is a pretty big job that VL's staff have taken on. The project is going well, with a level of quality that means the Tram Museum will get a robust and stable vehicle which will certainly be worth the wait.