26. August 2005
Hamburg trailer 4384

As the SHS has had Hamburg motor tram no. 3657 at the Tram Museum since 1996, there has been a wish to find a suitable trailer for it - a desire which has come more to the forefront since the fine restoration of the motor tram in 2003.

No trailers of the type were available in operational condition, but our sister associations at Schönberger Strand and Hannoverisches Strassenbahn-Museum in Wehmingen each had a trailer which could be restored to working order.

As the main purpose of the museum at Schönberger Strand is to display and run trams from Hamburg and Kiel, it naturally did not wish to dispose of its trailer. However, after some years of talks and negotiations, the Wehmingen museum agreed that the Society could take over its trailer no. 4384.


Unfortunately, the trailer has been kept out of doors since 1977, and is naturally somewhat the worse for wear. Luckily the body and roof are made of aluminium, and have been strong enough to secure the trailer's survival. The roof has no leaks, and the trailer is in a good condition internally.

It will probably take a couple of years' work before the trailer becomes a worthy partner to its motor tram, but the task is a manageable one, and our German staff are confident and looking forward to the task!

The trailer was collected in Wehmingen on Tuesday 23 August by Dutch transport company van Maanen - the same company that brought Den Haag motor tram no. 824 to the museum in July 2002.





The trailer was unloaded at Skjoldenæsholm at around 11.00 am on Wednesday 24 August, and just over half an hour later it was already on its first trip to Ejlers Eg, coupled to motor tram no. 3657. It was found to run very well on the track.