29. July 2005

The renovation of the tram no. 890

In the A-section, which is at the Tram Museum, a host of slender and thick cables and leads are now being connected up. The distributor is being renovated, and will soon be test installed in the tram to see whether the dimensions taken from the blueprints match reality, as a lot has happened and been altered in Alexandria!

The base for the pole has been replaced and cleaned of rust. The wooden construction which will bear the driving and braking resistances is being renovated and painted. Lots of other fixtures are still being cleaned with lye soap followed by high-pressure rinsing, to give us an impression of their degree of wear, size, colour and, perhaps most importantly, how much needs to be rebuilt from scratch.

Very soon, wooden veneer panels will be ordered which will be covered with the characteristic green surface for the window frames at the driver's position, and for the rear end of the vehicle above the marshalling distributor. Panels with elm veneer will also be fitted for the fuse boxes and the vertical surfaces around the driver.

In Holbæk, staff from Vestsjællands Lokalbane railway are now once again working full-time on the B-section of the tram. They had otherwise been busy with another important job, the much-needed renovation of the line's old turntable

The B-section has now been levelled off at floor level, i.e. the outer part of the rear platform has been raised by about 60 - 80 mm, and the vehicle sides have been straightened horizontally, and especially vertically. The roof ribs have been repaired and straightened to match the now level sides. A completely new iron plate will be installed on the roof, as the old one was "leaky as a sieve". The outer part of the rear platform is being built up, using amongst other things parts from MVG 255, and the door pins for doors 3 and 4 have been refitted.

As with the A-section, the B-section has required a great deal of cleaning to remove dust, grime and rust. It's been time-consuming work, but soon we can start assembling the whole section with its new steps, side panels, etc. - so 'Miss Düsseldorf' will soon have an attractive behind again.

At the time of writing we have just recommenced work after the summer holidays, so it is too early to say when the B-section body will be finished. After that it will be filled, ground and painted in Holbæk, just like the A-section. Here at the museum's website, we will keep readers informed of the progress of the restoration.