5. July 2005
Light Rail Line along Ring Route 3

By permission of Copenhagen County Council

On Tuesday 5 July, Copenhagen's County's travelling exhibition on the
Lyngby - Glostrup Light Rail Line 
opened at Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum. The exhibition will last until 31 August.

Why a light rail line?

Today, it takes time to get across Copenhagen County, whether by car or bus. Although the distances involved are not large, there is frequent congestion.

This could be ameliorated by a light rail link, which could bring passengers rapidly, punctually and comfortably from Lundtofte to Glostrup, and perhaps onwards to Brøndby or Ishøj.

Since 1997, Copenhagen County Council has been examining ways of making it easier to get across the county by public transport, and it is currently investigating the potential of a light rail line.

Interface with buses and trains

The proposed light rail link will cross a number of traffic nodes on its way from Lundtofte to Brøndby Strand or Ishøj, at each of which it will be possible to change route.

Lyngby Station
Stop beneath the viaduct close to S-trains and buses.

Buddinge Station
Stop immediately in front of the station.

Gladsaxe Trafikplads
Good pedestian link to buses on the square.

Herlev Station
Steps and lifts to S-trains.

Glostrup Station
Stop south of the station, close to S-trains.

Brøndby Strand Station
Terminal immediately opposite the north side of the station.

Ishøj Station
Terminal immediately opposite the south side of the station.

Same ticket as trains, metro and buses
It will cost the the same to take the light rail link as to travel by train, bus or metro in the Copenhagen area, and the fare zones and ticket prices will also be the same. Passengers will thus be able to freely change between light rail, bus and train routes, and travel onwards using the same travel card, 10-trip card or ticket.

See a computer simulation of the Lyngby - Glostrup Light Rail Line - click on the picture:

You can read more about the light rail project here In Danish