10. June 2005
Brønshøj - Husum

On Saturday 4 June, extra buses were placed in service on Frederikssundsvej between Brønshøj and Husum.

These brought passengers back to the days when buses had two-man crews.

Four of Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum's veteran buses ran on the route from Brønshøj Square to Husum Square in Copenhagen.

So naturally, the old met the new several times along the way.

The ride was free of charge and was very popular. The Tram Museum's voluntary staff spoke enthusiastically about Denmark's longest museum.

The oldest of the buses was acquired in December 1933 for the inauguration of route 29. The route was number 19 in those days. The bus is a Danish-built Triangel with a two-man crew, i.e. a bus with a conductor on board.

Another bus is a 1949 Leyland "Comet" which ran for many years on routes 22, 31 and 36, amongst others. 

The youngest of the buses on the route was from 1972, seen here together with a modern S-bus and A-bus.

The event lasted from 10.00 am until 3.00 pm, and here the staff wave goodbye to all the many people who took a ride.