26. May 2005
More buses

The Tram Museum has acquired two more museum vehicles.

These are two new buses, representing the period from 1988 on. The buses are still modern, but have been acquired now in good condition, so that we will not have to go looking for them in a scrapyard in 30 years' time and spend a lot of money renovating them.

The two buses are:

  1. City-Trafik 2081 (formerly HT 1856)
    This bus is a 1988 DAB/Volvo which has run for HT, Bus Danmark, Arriva and City-Trafik. The bus is not registered and has been placed in the "giraffe hall". The intention is to restore the bus to the appearance it had as HT 1856, when it was first delivered in 1988.

  2. ÅS 272.
    This bus is a 1990 DAB/DAF series 12. It has always run for Århus Sporveje, and is a typical Aarhus bus of the 1980s and 1990s. The bus has been taken directly from service, and has been re-registered for the Tram Museum. It will arrive at the museum on the evening of 27.05.05.