11. December 2004
Christmas at the museum - on the way

It is early Saturday morning, 8.00 am, and the date is 11 December 2004.


Copenhagen Central Station is almost empty, and there is no-one around on platform three.

At around 8.30, a crowd of people begin to arrive.

And why is that?

Because it's arriving at 9.00 am, the steam locomotive from the DSB Museum Train.


The passengers begin to board the seven-coach train, which is drawn by no less than two steam locomotives.

At exactly 09.11 it starts moving, and off it goes in the direction of ...

Roskilde, where the S-locomotive is uncoupled, because it is thirsty.

At the Tram Museum, the veteran buses are ready to drive to Hvalsø.

The Christmas train is going on to Hvalsø, where the Tram Museum's drivers are waiting.

The Tram Museum's veteran buses are waiting, too.

Finally, the Christmas train arrives.

There's going to be a crowd on the buses,

which have been patiently waiting to take the almost 350 passengers to Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum