16. August 2004    
The renovation of the tram no. 890    

KS 890 is christened

On Wednesday 11 August, the tram had its original Copenhagen tram number painted back on. The original signs were also repainted, with ”Subscribers' Entrance” on the front entrance and ”No Entry” on each side of the rear exit.

The texts have been painted on – precisely as they looked when the tram left the main workshop of Copenhagen Tramways in December 1966 for its first trip along route no. 2. The typography used is the so-called ”municipal block” font, designed by Ib Lunding – the same architect who designed the articulated Copenhagen trams built in 1930-1941.

The Tram Museum is ready to receive the A-section of KS 890. The bogies have been painted, the bellows is in place and the unloading area is ready. If all goes according to plan, the tram section will arrive at the end of August, when it will be placed on the motor bogie and reunited with the central section, which is also ready.

A major job then awaits with all the internal work, such as reinstallation of the entire 24 V electrical system and refurbishment of the 600 V system, including fitting distributors, and rebuilding the wooden construction with its cabinets, etc., including the driver's instrument panel. Windows will have to be fitted, and the wooden and ceiling panels refitted after months of thorough treatment with soap to remove the many, many layers of paint. The museum staff won't be bored this winter! But they are looking forward to returning the tram section to the museum in a completely different state to the way it looked when it left in July 2002.