4. August 2004
The big move

In 2002, the Tram Museum acquired a withdrawn but otherwise fully functional articulated tram, MVG 255 from Mülheim, which ran on metre gauge track.

The type is very similar to that delivered by DÜWAG to Copenhagen Tramways in the sixties. The MVG 255 was procured for the sole purpose of contributing some original spare parts to the restoration of the Copenhagen articulated trams, first KS 890 and in the long run 815.

The rear section of the tram was transported to the workshop of Vestsjællands Lokalbaner in Holbæk, where relevant parts were removed for KS 890. The tram was recently divided, with the front section waiting on the museum forecourt as of 4 August, waiting to be lifted off its bogies and placed off-track. This will give us more track space, which is always needed.




Relevant spare parts will be gradually be removed from the front section. An attempt has also been made to lengthen some of the doors to fit the Copenhagen trams. The experiment is continuing. Several other parts, such as the front headlight, have also been removed, as they are exactly right for KS 890. The roof gutters have also been removed, cleaned and recycled. Up to now, one of the rubber bellows connecting the articulated sections has been moved to the central section of KS 890, and will be bolted onto the front section when it arrives at the museum before being placed on its bogies.

- - - -

In Holbæk, work has now recommenced after a well-deserved summer holiday. The first half of the tram has been painted externally, but the tram number and door signs are still waiting to be painted on. The front section will probably arrive at the museum at the end of August, where preparations for its reception are almost complete; the bogies are painted and ready, and the pivots have been renovated and fitted to the smart-looking middle section. Now we are all looking forward to the arrival of the front section!