1. July 2004    
The renovation of the tram no. 890    

A milestone has been passed!

The first major part of KS 890 - the central section - has just arrived at the Tram Museum.

The central section has been painted externally with grey on top, white in the belt where the windows are located in the front and rear sections, and the characteristic tram yellow underneath. It has been painted grey internally, but the colour here will not be visible when the whole tram is assembled. A very smart and professional piece of work, especially the painting, by the railway company in Holbæk.

The external paint job on the front half of the tram,called the A-section, is now almost complete. Internally, the window frames, etc., still need to be painted. The flooring will be laid shortly, and access hatches cut for technical service. The tram section is almost finished, but the staff at Holbæk are taking a well-deserved summer break, so it will be August before the A-section is transported to the Tram Museum.

Plans for receiving the A-section are well advanced. The Düsseldorf articulated tram bought for 1 euro, RBG 2415, was lifted off its bogies on 10 June, and the body removed from the track. The bogies have now been high-pressure cleaned and are almost ready to be painted in the grey Copenhagen colour. The bogies are of precisely the same type as those originally delivered to the Copenhagen Tram Company, with the exception of a slight difference in the track brake suspension. The bogies have brand new rims and are in excellent condition.


The plan now is for two pivots to be renovated and fitted to the central section, which will also receive the black, flexible rubber bellows originally fitted to MVG 255, the articulated metre-gauge tram from Mülheim. When the A-section arrives at the museum, the central section will be immediately attached to the end of the A-section and bolted to one of the pivots (the other is for the B-section). The body and central section will then be lifted and placed on the motor bogie and middle bogie, respectively. Before that, however, several large components will have to be fitted, including another pivot for the motor bogie.

August will be an exciting month! And the tram section looks just as it did in the workshop of Copenhagen Tramways workshop in 1966: smooth sides and fresh, shiny new paint!

Progress is also being made on the B-section, but right now, as mentioned, the workers are taking a well-deserved summer break. Various remedies are being tried out to repair the very worn and battered roof. Several of the plates had to be replaced to avoid future rust problems, and dents had to be evened out after some small and large collisions in Alexandria. Hopefully, the B-section will end up looking every bit as handsome as the A-section.