15. May 2004
The Great Integration Day


Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum took over the stock of the former HT Museum (the museum of the Copenhagen bus and tram company) on 1 January 2004. This event was celebrated at the tram museum on 15 May, 2004.


It was a busy morning. Trams had to be moved around to get them ready to be taken out in the scheduled order.


Old and new acquisitions were juxtaposed while the moving took place, until the lining up was finished.

HT-Orchestra began playing ... 

...and then the guests arrived.

The sun came out just as the speeches began!


The first speaker was the president of the Tramway Historical Society, Mikael Lund, followed by the president of HUR, Mayor Mads Lebech.

After the speeches, it was time for some tram driving!

Claes Nilas, managing director of HUR, drove Copenhagen tram no. DKS 17, while Mayor Mads Lebech drove Frederiksberg tram no. FS 50.

After a successful trip, there was a stop at the terminus, Eilers Eg.

In the meantime, as the sun had gone in again, HT-Orchestra moved inside the Valby depot.

The visitors enjoyed the music and...

...the meal, at which 

sponsored the chocolates.

There was busy traffic on the lines with both vintage and more recent trams, so the visitors enjoyed some exciting experiences.

As the Danish royal wedding had taken place the previous day, the Aarhus trams flew the Australian flag alongside the Danish one.