7. April 2004

The renovation of the tram no. 890

The first half of the tram - the A section - has now been rust-proofed everywhere. Inside, it has been painted with noise-suppressing and fire-resistant paint. The floor plates are now being installed, and when this has been done the painting will continue.


Outside, the tram has been filled, ground and painted "military green". Following some after-care, the tram will be painted in the characteristic colours it displayed in the days it ran as a tram in Copenhagen.

The central section has been completely stripped of paint, some corrosion, and a lot of dirt. The plates have been replaced, ready for painting.


The second half of the tram - the B section - has been moved to the repair depot. The roof has been stripped of a lot of painting and filler. Unfortunately, a lot of damage has been found, so repairing the roof will be a tough job. The rear end has been lowered, probably as a result of some serious collisions. The B section of the MVG 255 - the tram from Mülheim - will be used to supply spare parts.

Planning is under way to transport the A section to the museum, where volunteers will take over the job of finishing the tram. When the A section has arrived at the museum we will announce it at the web site, but at the moment we cannot say when this will be.