19. February 2004
The renovation of the tram no. 890

The renovation of KS 890 has reached the point at which the front part - the A section - is ready to be painted, while the rear end - the B section - is having its plates repaired.

As the work was being performed in two different buildings, 19 February 2004 was the big moving day.

Outside, everything was ready for the transportation.

KS 890 would have to be outside, unprotected, for a while, so we were glad it was such fine weather.



When the last rails are in place, KS 890 can be moved out.

The shining, silvery KS 890 is lifted up onto the truck and transported to the unloading area.


The A section is lowered. In the background you can see the B section, waiting to be moved to the repair depot...


...where the workers can begin their job.