5. January 2004
The renovation of the tram no. 890    

The floor sections have been prepared for rust-proofing. The floor will then be constructed from large veneer sheets, just as it was back in 1966. Noise attenuating material and fire-resistant paint will be applied to the tram's sides.

The tram wiring has been temporarily covered and ventilation has been put in to allow the workers to work in a proper environment.

Outside, the Copenhagen tram company logo, the so-called "moustache", has been attached. Thread holes for the route plates have been drilled, the door contact has been mounted, and the flag holders adjusted.

The black rubber buffer has been mounted, together with the buffer rail, to check that it was OK. These parts will be removed before painting.


The doors turned out to be unexpectedly problematic, as they were made especially for Copenhagen. We might make new doors of iron, or extend some of the artificial doors from other Düwag trams. The decision hasn't been made yet.

Colour codes have been decided on with the manager of the paint shop at the workshop of the local rail network "Vestsjællands Lokalbaner". The original colours have been found beneath the filler, and are the same as those used on the bus KS 571. When it is the turn of KS 815 to be painted it will be painted in a slightly different colour, as the trams didn't have quite the same yellow hue.

Tram birthday

KS 890 made its first run as a brand new Düwag tram on 21 December 1966.

It began as route no. 2, so its 37th birthday was celebrated with flags and route plates.