22. November 2003
The museum of Odense Bytrafik

Sporveishistorisk Selskab - The Tramway Historical Society - arranged a trip to Odense, to see the Musum of Odense Bytrafik, which is in the former tram depot.

One of the vintage buses from The Tram Museum Skjoldenæsholm was taking care of the transport from Borup railwaystation to Odense.

The weather was only rain, fog, darkgray, so the view from the bridge of The Great Belt was limited.

In Odense the members from Sealand met other members of The Tramway Historical Society, Busfronten, and other societies.

Some members are working on the renavation of 2 of Odense Sporvejes trailers and a bus from Odense Omnibus A/S. The work is doing in the old depot, which is going to be closed January 1. 2004.



In the basement of the old depot is the very interesting museum - Odense Bytrafiks Museum. In the museum are many effects, which are showing the history of the public transport service of Odense.


After the visit we drove to the new bus depot, which is under construction. The bus depot shall replace the 2 old ones of Odense Bytrafik. The depot shall be finished at December 22. 2003.

The new depot is not placed near a lake, the rain makes a large concrete platform looking like a lake.


The tour to Odense was over, but at the way back to Sealand we did a stop.

The Danish Railway Club has some depots at different places in Denmark, so we visited one of them.


We saw the large depot, where some newer railway trains were placed for later use.

Outside the rain was pouring down monotonously, while the IC3-trains hurried by to find a place, where they could get under cover...