19. November 2003
HT-Museum - The last move

November 19. was the day, where the last trams etc. should leave their old house, the HT-Museum in Islev (Copenhagen).

It is early morning, the view from the balcony at the HT-museum looks like it has done for several years.

but outside 3 low-loaders are waiting...

inside - something has changed. Struggling, heaving, lifting...

Trams are pulled outside and put on low-loaders


The 3 low-loaders left the HT-museum and arrived at The Tram Museum Skjoldenæsholm, while the rain was pouring down monotonously.

At The Tram Museum Skjoldenæsholm the trams were placed on rails.

of course people took pictures

Back at the HT-museum, still some trams were waiting for the move

Again pulled out into the rain ready for the low-loaders


The HT-museum is nearly empty...

and just like it was in 1972 - the last tram leaving was a line no. 5...