28. October 2003
The renovation of tram no. 890

The renovation of KS890 is going well.

The large I-sectional iron has been removed, just like other shores have been removed.

The door opening for door 1, are ready for the doors, which will be taken from our


The door opening for door 2 is nearly finished.

All the plates are mounted, so only some minor adjustments has to be done.

The front is still missing the lanterns, but else it is finished.

The roof has been adjusted.


It is a very thorough renovation the railroad company - Vestsjællands Lokalbaner - is doing. Real many workinghours have been used, but the result will also be a tram, we can be proud of.

Many things are still missing, the floor, the electric system (600 V and 24 V), the interior, the paint. Still there is a lot for the railroad company to do, but also for our own garage.

We knew, the whole renovation of KS890 will be rather expensive, but it looks like it will be more expensive than expected.