1. October 2003
8 trams on the move

From the depot in Hørsholm of the HT-Museum, 8 trams were moved in 2 runs to the depot in Kværkeby of The Tram Museum Skjoldenæshom.

The moving began early in the morning the 1st of October and lasted to the middle of the evening.

Four big trucks with cranes were used, and everything worked out fine.



Before leaving the depot every tram should be fastened safely to the low-loader.

For some of the trams it was necessary to drive on roads without bridges, because the high was about 4,57 m. The total weight for a low-loader with a tram was about 55 tons!

The depot in Kværkeby was ready for the new guests.

When the first 4 trams were moved to the new depot still trams were waiting in Hørsholm...