11. September 2003
Press release

From the 1st of january 2004, the Tram Museum Skjoldenæsholm has taken over the HT-Museum:

Press Release, September 11. 2003

A World League collection of tramcars and buses has been created in Denmark

Denmark now has a unique collection of historic tramcars and buses as a result of a decision taken by the Board of the politically-run Copenhagen Municipality Development Council (HUR) to transfer the entire HT Museum collection - totally 35 units and other artefacts - to the Danish Tramway Museum Skjoldenæsholm run by the Danish Tramway Historical Society.

The integration of the two museums is a result of the ratification of the 2004-budget for HUR, where it has been necessary to seek drastic cuts wherever possible and by amalgamating the two museums a yearly saving of more than 1 mio. Danish Kroner will be achieved. For a minimum period of 15 years HUR will however support the Danish Tramway Museum Skjoldenæsholm with a yearly amount of 400.000 Danish Kroner.

The amalgamation of the two tramway collections will mean that the Danish Tramway Museum Skjoldenæsholm in the future will have a unique collection of close to 90 Copenhagen trams, trolleybuses and dieselbuses in addition to trams and buses from Odense and Aarhus and a representative collection of foreign tramcars.

Through the merger of the two collections HUR have ensured that the historic collection, the foundation of which was laid as long back as in 1915 when the last horse-drawn tram was taken out of service, will remain intact and in the future be preserved, maintained and developed with the relevant technical and historical expertise and competence. The transfer of the 35 units advances the plans of the Danish Tramway Museum Skjoldenæsholm to have a third depot erected as soon as possible

In the interim the depot cars of the HT Museum collection together with the depot cars of the Skjoldenæsholm collection will be placed in a rented storage building about 10 kilometers from the museum ensuring that the most interesting units of the HT Museum collection - including doubledeck Frederiksberg tram 50, maximum-traction tram 100, open trailer 389, horse tram 51 and Dion Bouton bus no. FS 1 - will be moved directly to Skjoldenæsholm and become feature attractions at the commencement of the 2004 operating season at the museum.

Several of the HT Museum units have previously been displayed and operated for shorter periods at Skjoldenæsholm. Now they will become a permanent feature of the museum. From a record total of 26 trams and 4 veteran buses approved for passenger traffic in 2003 it now looks as if the 2004-season will see more than 30 trams and 9 veteran buses in passenger traffic.

The Danish Tramway Museum Skjoldenæsholm, already today regarded by many as being amongst the leading tramway museums in Europe, regards it as a significant vote of confidence that HUR has decided that its cultural heritage is best looked after for the future at Skjoldenæsholm.

The transfer of the 35 units and all artefacts will officially take effect as of January 1st, 2004, however, already by late September the first units will be moved. The HT Museum will have its last opening day on Sunday November 16th, 2003.

The Danish Tramway Museum Skjoldenæsholm celebrated its 25th Anniversary at the end of May, 2003 and the addition of the HT Museum fleet is a late but much treasured anniversary gift! The 2003 season at Skjoldenæsholm has developed very satisfactorily and the total number of visitors for the year is expected to be more than 30,000, which is about 20 percent up on last year.

The Danish Tramway Museum Skjoldenæsholm is open every Saturday from 1300 to 1700 hours and every Sunday from 1000 to 1300 hours. From October 11th to October 19th the museum is open every day from 1000 to 1700 hours. The 2003-season ends on October 19th except that the museum will also be open for Christmas tree sales during the weekend December 13th and 14th.

The HT Museum at Islevdalsvej in the Copenhagen suburb of Rødovre is open every Wednesday and Sunday from 1000 to 1600 hours. The last opening day will be Sunday November 16th.

For further information on the expansion at the Danish Tramway Museum Skjoldenæsholm please contact Museum Leader Mikael Lund, who is also the Chairman of the Danish Tramway Historical Society