14. August 2003
The renovation of tram no. 890

After a deserved vacation the 2 skilful employees of the railroad company, Vestsjællands Lokalbaner, who primaly are working on KS890, returned with renewed strength...

The left side of the tram has got new 2mm plates welded on, so the stiffness of the tram has been considerably increased.

The fine adjustment of the window openings is still missing. Some fittings for the front have been ordered.

The next step will be the right side of the tram, where the doors are.

New plates will be put on - the doors, also the missing door 2, which was removed in Alexandria, will we get from our stocks or from Germany.

The front with the window frame is finished including the place for the line number and the destination sign.

The speciality for Copenhagen, the coloured lights, has been cleaned and repaired and a couple of special tubes used for 'quick' exchange of the coloured lights have been ordered.

Nothing has been done with the second part of the tram. It is still waiting till the first part is finished.